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March 15, 2016
by Dita

A Dance for Him – Release Day Blitz

Banner - A DanceSynopsis

How many rules would you break for the one person who makes you feel alive?

A long-term plan …
Smart, feisty working-class student Paige Lytton is saving up for law school by stripping at a club once a week. She studies hard to maintain her perfect GPA, so her social life consists of steamy daydreams about her professor, Sebastian Morland.
She’d love to do more than fantasize about him, but that would ruin both their lives. Besides, Sebastian, a well-known writer and scion of a wealthy family, would never be interested in Paige.
Or so she thinks.
A short-term agreement …
Sebastian hasn’t written a word in years. Paige, his favorite student, is a bright spot in a less-than-fulfilling life — so when he finds out she’s working at a strip club, he’s horrified … even as the knowledge fuels his own forbidden appetites.
To keep Paige safe, he offers her a deal: dance privately for him … at his home. But Sebastian knows his motives aren’t as pure as he’d like to pretend.
Running out of time …
Before long, Paige and Sebastian are forced to admit that their secret arrangement is more personal than business … that their dance springs from their deepest longings. Caught between guilt and desire, they surrender to the forbidden flame that burns between them.
But now the man who’s been stalking Paige has discovered the truth about their clandestine meetings. Will he bring their lives — and any chance at a future together — crashing down on them?
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About the Author

Lara Richard loves to write steamy romances about tall, dark, handsome, dominant men and the smart, strong women they can’t help but fall for.

Whether they’re sexy, cocky bad boys or intense, brooding men struggling over their forbidden passions, they all have only one thing on their minds once they’re in love – to make their heroines theirs for life, and to give them the HEAs they deserve.

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February 19, 2016
by Dita

Branching out … and a cover reveal

adanceforhimEBOOKIt’s been a while, but another book is on the way for early March!

A Dance for Him features a feisty co-ed who’s saving up for law school by stripping on weekends and her handsome (and dominant!) English professor who accidentally finds out about her side gig when he’s at a bachelor party.

The sharp-eyed among you will notice that the credited author is Lara Richard, and that’s because that’s my new pen-name for full-length M/F steamy romance! I will still be writing erotica and ménage erotic romance as Dita Selby. But of that more later!



December 1, 2015
by Dita

New release: Mastered by the Maestro

masteredbythemaestroNow available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited: Mastered by the Maestro.

***Introductory price of $0.99 – temporarily reduced from $2.99!!***

When my piano professor sent me to work with world-famous conductor Lorenzo Moretti, it was like a dream come true.

I’ve had a crush on him for like forever. Now he’s flirting with me(!), and while I know he’s a notorious playboy who’s got no shortage of beautiful women throwing themselves at him, I can’t help but want him.

If anyone’s going to break my heart I’d much rather it be him than anybody else …

She’s nineteen, beautiful, and incredibly talented. Shy and sweet, she’s unlike any of the many casual flings I’ve had in the past.

She’s also got a penchant for dressing in a way that seems designed to drive me mad with desire …

When a casual conversation reveals things about our respective pasts that make her off-limits to me, I know that I’ve got to rein in my obsession with claiming her for my own.

Except I can’t.
Mastered by the Maestro is a steamy erotic romance novella (~36,000 words) featuring a dominant, alpha older man and an inexperienced but not-so-innocent younger woman. HEA ending, no cliffhangers.

November 22, 2015
by Dita

Cover reveal: Mastered by the Maestro

masteredbythemaestro[Edit: Now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!] If you like reading about hot powerful older alpha males initiating innocent young things into the naughtier ways of the world, you’re in luck!

Mastered by the Maestro, to be launched in early December, features a handsome playboy conductor and a sweet shy 19-year-old pianist who’s been sent to study with him in Venice over the summer.

The attraction between them is instant and intense, and it’s obvious that they’re perfect for each other – but will the taboo secrets of their respective pasts get in the way of their coming together? …

September 16, 2015
by Dita

Three Professors and a Naughty Co-ed – The Complete Novel now available on Amazon!

threeprofsNow available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited: Three Professors and a Naughty Co-ed – The Complete Novel!

***Introductory price of $0.99 – temporarily reduced from $3.99!!***

She wanted to save her first time for a real man who would have something to teach her, and ended up with three …

Sparks fly when innocent yet naughty co-ed Tara meets not one but three hot professors in the history department.

When they find out she’s been flirting with all of them, they come up with a plan to punish her, thus fulfilling her wildest fantasies.

By the end of that first torrid encounter, she’s volunteered to submit to them and be their plaything for the rest of the school year …

More adventures in domination and submission ensue as her three professorial studs give her an extensive and very thorough carnal education, but will she be able to keep them when the school year ends?

Sizzling ménage romance with HEA, full-length novel at ~71,100 words.

Please note: the first third of the book contains some material that is an expansion of the first three installments of the original serialized version (Initiation, Submission, and Vacation), with newly added steamy scenes, while the rest of the book continues the story from there on with plenty of all-new material.


September 16, 2015
by Dita

Upcoming: Three Professors and a Naughty Co-ed – The Novel

threeprofsSo here’s why there haven’t been any new releases in a while – I’ve been working on the novelization of Three Professors and a Naughty Co-ed.

In other words, 71,000+ words full of steamy BDSM ménage sex involving lovely, wilful Tara and her three hot, insatiable professors.

The first part is a substantial expansion of material from the three original serial episodes (Initiation, Submission and Vacation), with new sizzling scenes added to it, but the rest of it continues on from their arrival in L.A. (and their increasingly exhibitionist adventures there) to the final HEA ending – all in one smoking hot package, which will soon be available in Kindle Unlimited.

July 13, 2015
by Dita

Upcoming – Three Professors and a Naughty Co-ed #3: Vacation!

VacationComing up on Amazon: Three Professors and a Naughty Co-ed #3: Vacation

It’s looking like Tara’s three hot professors are about to give her even more of an education than she first expected … especially when gorgeous alpha Dr. Landry takes it upon himself (and his two colleagues) to set about realizing her sexual fantasies …

June 11, 2015
by Dita

Three Professors and a Naughty Co-ed #2: Submission now available on Amazon!

threeprofs2Now available on Amazon: Three Professors and a Naughty Co-ed #2: Submission.

It’s finally time for the dirty weekend at Dr. Landry’s, as promised after Tara’s last encounter with her three hot professors!

She’s used to working hard for class, but this time they’ll be working her hard (and fast and unprotected) … in a way that she’s definitely not used to!

Submission is the second book in the Three Professors and a Naughty Co-ed series.