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June 5, 2015
by Dita

Five Billionaires and a Hotwife box set now available

Now available in box set – all 4 volumes of Five Billionaires and a Hotwife.Five Billionaires and a Hotwife boxset

Follow Alan and his beautiful wife Gabrielle as she delivers on her steamy contract with his five handsome billionaire bosses to serve as their office sex toy for a month!


(The individual books are all available separately as well.)


June 4, 2015
by Dita

Three professors and their naughty co-ed getting their sequel!

Three Professors and a Naughty Co-ed #1: InitiationOk, so it turns out I couldn’t resist the lure of revisiting our three handsome, randy professors either …

So for everyone who had fun with Three Professors and a Naughty Co-ed, here’s some good news – there will be a sequel coming up in the near future!

The book title and cover for the original will soon be updated to reflect that – it’s now going to be Three Professors and a Naughty Co-ed #1: Initiation. The text is otherwise the same, so no worries for those who’ve already gotten their copy.

Next up: Three Professors and a Naughty Co-ed #2: Submission!

May 27, 2015
by Dita

Three Professors and a Naughty Co-ed now available on Amazon

threeprofsNow available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited: Three Professors and a Naughty Co-ed.

What’s an innocent yet naughty co-ed to do when she meets not one but three hot professors in the history department? …

After the three men exchange notes and find out she’s been flirting with all of them, they come up with a plan to punish her.

Little do they know that the thing she wants most for her first time is to be taken, hard, fast and unprotected, by all three of them …

May 18, 2015
by Dita

Public Submission #2: Business and Pleasure now available on Amazon!

Public Submission: Business and PleasureNow available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited:

They “went public” last time, but now they’re “going official” (well, so to speak) …

After a hot and extremely memorable night at Valerie’s apartment, successful architect Max is finding it hard to concentrate at work, as all he can think about is the beautiful woman he picked up last night.

Luckily for him, she’s about to show up in his plush corner office for some afternoon delight …

Business and Pleasure is the second book in the Public Submission series.

May 12, 2015
by Dita

Coming soon – Public Submission #2: Business and Pleasure

public02If you’ve been wondering when I was going to finally get back to the story of Max and Valerie, our two BDSM exhibitionists, fear not!

Now that the Five Billionaires and a Hotwife series is done, I’m back to work on the Public Submission series.

To thank my readers for their patience, here is a sneak peek at the cover of Public Submission #2: Business and Pleasure!

As you might guess from the title, this involves some fun times – very fun times – in Max’s plush corner office …

(Yes, book 1 is getting a matching cover redesign as well.)

May 6, 2015
by Dita

Grand finale of Five Billionaires and a Hotwife (#4) now available on Amazon!

fivebillionaires4“We’re going to really stretch you out today…”

It’s Gabrielle’s last week as the plaything of her husband Alan’s alpha billionaire bosses, and it’s looking more and more like the enigmatic Mr. Harrison might be pushing for a more permanent arrangement … with him.

It’s also time for the firm’s annual Christmas party, and with Gabrielle on hand a good time is assured for everyone there … especially since Mr. Harrison appears to be planning some even more extreme stretching for her.

But which man will she go home with?

Surrendering to the Board is the fourth and last book in the Five Billionaires and a Hotwife series.

Available at Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.

April 24, 2015
by Dita

Five Billionaires and a Hotwife #3: Serving the Board now available on Amazon!

fivebillionaires3Gabrielle’s relationship with her husband Alan’s five handsome bosses goes public, in the third week of her contract to service the board of directors at their pleasure …

It’s no longer a secret to anyone that the studly Mr. Harrison is obsessed with Alan’s beautiful young hotwife. His habit of taking her out for evening dates culminates in an invitation for her to fly to Milan on the company private jet with all the other directors … with Alan to follow at a distance.

But not only does Gabrielle get to join the Mile High Club in style – rough, hard and unprotected – she gets to service the board publicly, in an expensive Italian restaurant, with three studly Italian waiters joining in to stretch her in new ways …

Serving the Board is the third book in the Five Billionaires and a Hotwife series.